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Susie Farmer - Knack

Susie Farmer

With a background in commercial banking and commercial real estate, Susie has a knack for the B2B space.  She understands long sales cycles and, more importantly, what it takes to get the customer to the goal line.  To that end, she is an expert at email automation, sales strategy, LinkedIn campaigns, landing pages, and most importantly, messaging.  Her favorite saying is, “it’s not about you, it’s about them” referencing how she is constantly encouraging clients to see it from their customer’s point of view and care about what the client should take away from the conversation.

Originally from St. Charles, Illinois, Susie and her family now reside in the Greater Tampa Bay Area. 

Ashley Nakayama

Ashley has been helping businesses grow their bottom line with proven marketing strategies, especially when it comes to B2C and e-commerce initiatives. Her graphics, branding, email marketing, and websites are unrivaled as she has a knack for visually telling a story and bringing personality to a business. She is constantly seeking out opportunities for clients, whether that be introducing them to new brand partners, implementing timesaving automations to their workflow, or adding a profitable sales channel.

A long time resident of Geneva, you’ll find Ashley and her family around town enjoying all that the Tri-Cities has to offer.  

Kim Eddy


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